Storage Settings

Default :False

Specifies whether Ecstatic should raise an exception when it can’t convert a URL. If False, the unconverted URL will be used. This situation typically arises when a CSS file points to a non-existent image.

Manifest Settings

Default :'ecstatic.manifests.JsonManifest'

The dotted path to the manifest class to be used by the createstaticmanifest management command and

Default :None

The path where the manifest file should be saved. This setting must be set if using staticfiles manifests.

Default :the opposite of DEBUG

Specifies whether the manifest should be used by the ( extending) storage class.

Default :'ecstatic_manifest', if the CACHES dictionary contains it,

otherwise ‘default’

The name of the cache that should be used by the manifest class.

Default :['admin/']

A list of paths that will not be found by Django’s STATICFILES_FINDERS but that should nonetheless be included in the manifest. This setting exists chiefly to support the Django admin, which uses the static template tag with the path 'admin/' in order to get a static prefix for the admin. (Note that Django’s behavior here may be incompatible with storages that alter the filepath in a way other than adding a prefix.)

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